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Time To Give Up Politics

I'm sick of politics. I really am. Its not that I don't find it interesting any more, its just that I find myself unable to back any political movement, figures or parties. I've become cynical about the true intentions of any political group; great or small. Or perhaps I'm just a realist. Either way, I find that most if not all political ideas in the 21st century are incredibly shallow and fail to deliver any fundamental solutions to the problems that face Western civilisation, humanity and our planet as a whole.

Providing ideas and solutions however is only half the battle. Without the free discussion of new ideas, none will ever see fruition, particularly if they might threaten the monopoly enjoyed by our current world order. With 'hate-speech' having effectively become 1984's 'Thought Crime', any opinion outside of the fast-narrowing 'accepted' speech, becomes a taboo subject. This is further acerbated by the various methods the establis…

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