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The Temple Of Life

Being involved in the internet's political and philosophical scene you regularly find instances of animosity (whether light-hearted or heartfelt) between Christians and those who have found solace in Europe's ancient pre-Christian religions. I have no problem with it being known that I fit into the latter of these two groups, nor that I am fairly hostile towards what I feel is the cultural sterility of Christianity. But working to rekindle paganism within Europe requires educating others out there of the depth and substance paganism offers a reawakening European identity.

One of the things you hear quite often from the Christian camp is the derogatory insistence that us pagans "worship rocks". Whilst you could return an equally childish but well rehearsed quip, it may be more constructive to explain to those Christians (if they're willing to listen) why pagans have in the past worshipped at standing stones and stone circles.

Ask someone to name a stone circle an…

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