Time To Give Up Politics

I'm sick of politics. I really am. Its not that I don't find it interesting any more, its just that I find myself unable to back any political movement, figures or parties. I've become cynical about the true intentions of any political group; great or small. Or perhaps I'm just a realist. Either way, I find that most if not all political ideas in the 21st century are incredibly shallow and fail to deliver any fundamental solutions to the problems that face Western civilisation, humanity and our planet as a whole.

Providing ideas and solutions however is only half the battle. Without the free discussion of new ideas, none will ever see fruition, particularly if they might threaten the monopoly enjoyed by our current world order. With 'hate-speech' having effectively become 1984's 'Thought Crime', any opinion outside of the fast-narrowing 'accepted' speech, becomes a taboo subject. This is further acerbated by the various methods the establishment has at its disposal to control of information the general public can consume.

As we all know, the media dispensing the information that essentially shapes the world view of the majority is firmly controlled by the same establishment that aims to keep its hegemony of power. Even the internet, which for a short time offered a decent and free alternative to the very much controlled television and print, can no longer be trusted with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google etc, controlling the information people are exposed to. Contrary to both the right and  left's claims though, this is a problem that transcends ideological extremes. The concerns of poverty or the environment typical of the left, and the immigration and demographic concerns of the right, are for the most part consigned to the fringes in society, their arguments deliberately downplayed, ridiculed and in some cases even outlawed. If it doesn't support neo-liberal capitalism and the free-movement of labour, then its not given air-time.

It is depressing to think that despite the Age of Information, the Overton window has gotten smaller and smaller to the point where now, political discourse is like walking through a narrow pass guarded by certain 'gatekeepers'. Many who wander off the path in search of better answers later find that they've been tricked, misled back onto that main, irrelevant path by those same 'gatekeepers', like rats gleefully following behind the Pied Piper. Of course, the easiest way to avoid being misled is by not blindly following anyone to start with.

It was once famously said that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others tried. I'm sure most living in the West will agree with this quote, but then again they will seldom consider the perspective this quote was written from. There is absolutely no correlation between what serves the landed elite and what is 'good' for the rest of society. As already discussed, democracy relies on the free exchange of information and an informed public, but as we all know, the establishment can mislead the public and fabricate false narratives in order to push public perception in a desired direction.

For a state to be legitimise its actions, it only has to convince a small fraction of the population.  The most notable case of governments fabricating information to get a complicit public that both the 'left' and the 'right' will be able to agree on, is the Bush-Blair invasion of Iraq and what is now known as the 'dodgy dossier'. As already mentioned, through the manipulation of the media, the public are exposed to only one or two narratives which if repeated enough, can achieve their desired effect. Given time, the majority of people can be gaslighted into accepting the 'official' narrative, even if it betrays their gut feelings. I'm optimistic that the majority of people, despite our dysgenic post-modern society, retain most of their critical thinking skills, however petty political loyalties or the human urge to simply 'fit in', will often betray people's intelligence. I do however, fully suspect that the majority of people have their suspicions when we're being systematically lied to, even on the merits of diversity. Logic alone though is not enough to cause a reaction big enough to change voting habits or stop a so-called democratically elected government from acting in an autocratic way.

When lying politicians are caught out, they have a plethora of methods to deflect blame but most often the excuse is their own incompetence. Except they aren't. Well not all the time at least.

My view is that the largely unaccountable nature of democracy enables destructive globalist elements to conduct their work behind a smoke screen of parliamentary incompetence. For example, Labour's manifesto in 1997 stated that 'every country must have firm control over immigration, and Britain is no exception'. With hindsight, this was a patent lie, but years later it still didn't stop the general public from electing the Conservative government who used pretty much the same election pledge which predictably, they also failed to deliver on. With the current political set-up there is always a fall-guy and if there isn't then it doesn't matter anyway because they're probably out of the door in less than four years anyway. Paradoxically you have at least some recourse in an overtly dictatorial government because everybody knows where the buck stops. Granted your concerns might be ignored or you might be persecuted for speaking out, but at least the public knows exactly who is causing misery in their lives, and if it gets bad enough there will be a public reaction.

In our society right now we have the worst of all worlds. Unaccountable and out of touch leaders actively working against the interests of our people, psychologically abusing its population into thinking all is well as they set the stage for a level of civil unrest for our grandchildren unseen on this earth since the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Roman poet Juvenal once allegedly coined the phrase 'panem et circenses.' In two thousand years little has changed. Perhaps our modern day phrase should be 'coffee and netflix.'  Whilst there is still enough spare money flowing in the economy for Starbucks to remain in business, and enough distraction for the public to bury their heads in we cannot rely on a sudden awakening of the masses. Who could have thought that the public in Germany would vote for Merkel after the way she handled the migration crisis? Its illogical that Marine Le Pen should lose the French election a few years back with so many islamic terror attacks in France, yet the reality is that the average voter seems to be only concerned for his or her own comfort level.

There is no democratic solution to the problems that face the world and more specifically those that face the native European. All avenues are covered by the 'gatekeepers'. Any media approved or 'respectful' nationalists are brought and paid for. Don't waste your time. I'm hopeful that change is coming, but it will be organic. Reactive. For now, I am personally more interested in pursuing practical ways that can help me and my loved ones when that time comes. Prepare. Organise. Network. Anything else is simply playing their game.


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