Are There Witches At Canewdon?

Sunday Times

14th of August, 1957

Phenomenist Research, which has its headquarters in Fairfax Drive, Westcliff, organised a 'ghost hunt' to St. Nicolas' Church, Canewdon, on Friday.

Local legend has it that as long as the church tower remains there will always be six witches at Canewdon – three in silk and three in cotton. The Churchwarden told members of the expedition that if a person circles the church alone at midnight the witches and ghosts will come out and sing to them.

Several members of the party experienced a strange psychic 'cold' near the altar, and two of them say they saw “a weird aura of light surrounding the top of the tower.”

Although each member in turn walked around the church they spotted no spectres. Mr. P. B. Godfrey-Bartram carried out a mercury test which proved negative. Reliable authorities state that if there is a strong psychic influence mercury will vibrate.


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