A Belated Introduction

Like writing a biography or a CV, an introduction post is a bloody difficult thing to write. Its essentially defined by trying to strike a balance upon the fine line between self promotion and chronic narcissism. In reality introduction posts on blogs probably serve no purpose at all anyway besides acting as a psychological aid to me as the writer. I know that nobody is ever likely to read this, but then I guess I need to start somewhere with it. So why not here.

Although this blog is fresh and devoid of any previous posts, it had been running with a number of posts on it up until a few weeks ago, but after sitting down and thinking about the direction I wanted to go with both this written blog and my Youtube account, I decided to reset the whole thing and start over from scratch. When I get the time, the posts that were on here before the purge will be sorted through for grammatical errors and reposted, but its probably going to take at least a few weeks before I get around to doing that. The reason for the purge was mainly because I felt as though I hadn't put enough time and effort into the blog posts over the last few months, and probably being a little too perfectionist, thought I could do better job. So I've seen to it to fix any small errors and commit to pushing out more professional content.

So the content of this blog will predominately be covering the same topics that are raised by my youtube channel, so there is a good chance it will mostly contain information on history or places of interest as well survival and outdoors activities. At this point I intend on using this blog as a resource for my Youtube channel – so for instance it might give more detail about a place that I've visited or include better detail about a complicated topic.  That said, this is also my own personal blog so it may change or evolve its purpose over time. Please don't be surprised if I end up feeling the need to vent about something political or spiritual occasionally. Or anything really. However despite my eclectic style and tastes, comments will always be free on here for those who wish to engage with me on any topic they wish. I don't bite!

In To 2017

I have a massive long list of places I'd like to get out to over the next twelve months. Unfortunately unless I win the lottery its pretty unlikely that I will get around to doing all of them, but these locations include a number of airshows, beautiful spots for doing hiking or hillwalking, wildlife reserves and of course places of interest for doing history tours along with the Virtual Reality content as well.

I'm already trying to fill up my diary, so for the next few weeks I'll be sorting through events websites and arranging how to make best use of my diesel. The maxim “best laid plans often go awry” will almost definitely crop up at multiple times throughout the coming year, but at least planning way in advance gives me some indication of what I should be doing (rather than doing nothing!)

Support Me To Support Causes

I know a lot of people have patreon or paypal accounts they ask their youtube subscribers or blog readers to donate to, but honestly for me this is just a hobby and I have no intention whatsoever in making money off the back of it. I mean it would be nice to earn money from it of course, but I don't feel I have the quality of work to be going out cap in hand, asking others to hand over their hard earned cash. That said, I might use any accumulated exposure to try and sell books in the future, but this is not really in the same league as essentially begging others who actually work for a living to cough up their dough.

If anyone out there feels strongly enough about supporting me, I would ask them to support the charities that I support instead. I haven't quite decided who I would like to support just yet, and there are a few I'm looking into, but it is almost definitely going to be a wildlife conservation charity. I just have to decide which one. I may also on occasion decide to support other special interest charities on a one off basis, but I'll obviously give more details as that comes up. As part of the charity support, I do plan on creating charity events (most probably long walks or cycle rides) to raise money. I expect this year will just be myself doing it, but maybe next year when (or if) I have a little more media attention I can use that to run larger events.

Change Of Logo

The observant out there might wonder why my older videos from 2016 have a different logo. Well as you probably suspect, it recently changed. I thought the traditional looking Tudor rose would be a good aesthetic but I felt it didn't really explain what I'm hoping to achieve all that well. So this new logo which is clearly hexagonal, is also supposed to represent a cube with the rose flower in the centre. I felt this kind of represented the 360 element to the work I'm doing. If anything it just looks a little more modern and 'with it' so may help entice a younger demographic. Well that was the reasoning behind it all anyway, not sure it will work.

Other than that, I guess we'll see how things go. Being new to the film making I would appreciate any feedback others out there have to offer (so long as its not too abusive.) For now I must say thank you for your interest, happy new year and I hope to speak with many of you soon.


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